The Ègadi are an island group to the west of Sicily, opposite Trapani. There are three main islands: Favignana, Marettimo and Levanzo.

The capital is Favignana, while on the island of Marettimo rises Mount Falcone with its beautiful crib cave.

The main resource of these islands is fishing; in fact, the tuna fisheries, the most important in Italy for processing and preserving tuna, are famous. Another activity is the cultivation of cereals, wine production and cattle breeding.

In this corner of the Mediterranean, on the edge of Italy, the wind rules. It is the mistral, sirocco and libeccio that dictate the schedule of the days and caress, mould, an enchanting sea with extraordinary reflections and colours, the absolute protagonist of an archipelago where nature and silence dominate.

An hour by hydrofoil from Trapani, the Egadi archipelago is told through the light, its colours and the many scents and culture of an ancient land of tuna fishermen.