The island of Ortigia is considered a World Heritage Site and the ancient heart of Syracuse. The name, meaning precisely “land of the quail,” gives us a sense of how much the island has been associated with the concept of a safe haven for seagulls and, more generally, of its identity as a safe harbor, thus destined for shelter.

Ortigia is a dense labyrinth of narrow streets that pop out into delightful little squares. Rich in legends and historic buildings, the island gives courtyards, temples, castles in an area of only 1 kmĀ². Its soul, however, does not live only on the surface: all to be discovered is also the underground path with its interesting the system of cisterns and tunnels that, winding under the Cathedral, leads to the marina.

Those who have never been to Ortigia, will not be able to fully understand the poetry, the feeling of wonder and well-being that it knows how to give its visitors.