Ragusa Ibla is the ancient historical centre of the city of Ragusa. It is world-famous for its more than fifty churches and numerous palaces. Situated on a hill, the small town of Ibla dominates the surrounding valley with its small houses and narrow streets and has been included among the UNESCO World Heritage Baroque sites in the Val di Noto. It has become famous over the years thanks to the television series “Il Commissario Montalbano”.

Things to see

Strolling through Ragusa Ibla, one is immersed in a charming, cosy atmosphere steeped in history, whose true protagonist is the exuberant Baroque architectural style. The first thing to see is the magnificent square dominated by the Cathedral of San Giorgio with its majestic staircase. Piazza del Duomo is the heart of Ibla. It is overlooked by the most important noble palaces, the most important of which is Palazzo Arezzi. The oldest area of Ibla is the San Paolo district, where the church of the same name and some Sicilian tombs are located. It is absolutely worth visiting this ancient corner of Ibla to get lost in its labyrinth of stairways and picturesque streets. The monuments of Ragusa Ibla mostly belong to the late Baroque style. Strolling through the streets of the old town, one can see the fa├žade of Palazzo Zacco and the balconies of Palazzo Cosentini, which display exuberant decorations.


Moving from Ragusa Ibla, you can choose between historical towns and beaches to visit. If you feel like taking a relaxing break and diving into an azure sea, Marina di Ragusa is the place for you. Scicli and Modica, offer a truly fascinating historic centre.

Events and shows

Numerous events take place in Ragusa Ibla every year. The most beautiful and interesting is Ibla Buskers, an event of street artists that usually takes place in the first week of October. An unmissable choreographic show where groups of jugglers, tightrope walkers and musicians perform along the ancient streets of Ibla. For more than twenty years, for five days, the city’s baroque streets have offered performances of pure creativity and fantasy with artists from all over the world. Ibla Grand Prize, on the other hand, is a music competition open to composers from all over the world and takes place every year between June and July where music of all genres can be heard.

Folk festivals

Attending traditional festivals is a good way to really get to know Sicilian culture and folklore, immersing yourself in a world of music, colour and spectacle, particularly interesting and beautiful occasions to experience first-hand. The Feast of St George is celebrated on the last Sunday of May over three days and is a religious event famous for the characteristic “abballata” of the statue of the saint, various concerts, fireworks and flag-waving parades. Holy Week is a very important period in the Iblei region. Popular tradition has it that the sepulchres are always visited in odd numbers, so be careful not to lose count! Every Monday, one of the city’s district markets takes place. Here you can find fresh local fruit and vegetables, as well as clothing and other products.

Ragusa Ibla, with its fascinating sights, has over the years become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Sicily.