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Visit Sicily was born from an idea that exploded in the heart and mind of a group of young entrepreneurs who felt the need to dedicate part of their leisure to a project of territorial promotion of their land, Sicily.

Who can be part of Visit Sicily project? All those who have lived the multicultural experience and who have a strong desire to communicate the true essence of Sicily in a simple and loving way as you would with a friend.

The mission of Visit Sicily is, therefore, to enhance this magical land full of treasures to export it to the rest of the world, creating aggregation and attention on a young and multicultural project.

We believe in eco-sustainable and responsible tourism. For this reason, we provide tips for all those travelers who wish to explore it and get to know it deeply in every aspect: starting from food and wine tours, to routes accessible to the disabled people; Folk and cultural events; from the promotion of sports tourism, up to nature tourism.

Amazing land, with an immense historical and cultural value and with a climate suitable for the vacations in every single season of the year. Why should we not share its beauty?

In Sicily you can never get bored!