Lipari is the largest of the Aeolian Islands and is similar to a small town. Located in the northern part of the sea that bathes Sicily just 38 km away, it is very popular for the right compromise between beauty and fun. Today it has about 14 thousand inhabitants, because the inhabitants of the nearby islands (Panarea, Vulcano, Alicudi, Filicudi, Stromboli) all converge in the municipality of Lipari.

The island is appreciated both as a destination for fun and for its natural beauty and culture.

The bay of Marina Corta is full of typical clubs offering live music, while in Marina Lunga, you can visit the Castle.

Lipari is completely accessible both by bike and by scooter, so a car is not necessary. It is only half a mile from the island of Vulcano (the so-called Bocca di Vulcano section). This proximity has made it possible to know that Lipari is also an island of volcanic origin, just look at the rocky and jagged coast.

For those who love the highest and most panoramic points we mention the three mountains: Monte Sant’Angelo, Monte Chirica and Monte Mazzacaruso.
The districts of Canneto, Acquacalda, Quattropani and Pianoconte, which represent small residential centers in full Aeolian style, fortunately connected by asphalted roads that make them easily accessible, are absolutely worth visiting.

The island that once lived only on agriculture and fishing today can be said to be based primarily on tourism that is accessible all year round, even if it is mainly appreciated between April and September.