Lampedusa is an island of about 20 km in the Strait of Sicily, in the Mediterranean Sea.

In a position clearly closer to Africa than to Italy, it own a landscape with little vegetation, offset by low sandy beaches with incredibly blue water.

The fauna and the seabed are of rare beauty. Lampedusa is therefore a popular destination for diving enthusiasts. The most popular places are Punta Parrino, Punta Cappellone, Taccio Vecchio and the Levante shoal.

Near the Island of Rabbits, to a depth of 15 meters, there is the statue of the Madonna del Mare, linked to a beautiful story of solidarity. The statue was in fact donated by the journalist Roberto Merlo to thank the Lampedusan population for the help he received during a misadventure at sea.

Then, there are the Caretta Caretta turtles, who have chosen the Rabbit Beach as a sacred place to lay their eggs.

This tiny corner of paradise has 320 hectares of nature reserve and has unparalleled beaches on the entire national border: the water supports the boats in a way they seem to fly!

From West to East, the most famous beaches are Cala Pulcino, Spiaggia dei Conigli, Tabaccara, Cala Madonna, Cala Croce and Spiaggia della Guitgia.

Lampedusa can be reached by ferry and by plane.