The guidelines for a collaboration with Visit Sicily

If you love to travel and love to share your experiences in a viral way, write to us immediately.

Read this page carefully, if in the end everything sounds clear and the answers to your questions are comprehensive and positive, take action!

The essential thing for every post published by Visit Sicily

Your contribution becomes essential and welcome in the moment you produce something complete, interesting, truthful and even exciting. Write about travel, lifestyle or adventure that are attractive, bright and trendy. Write qualitatively appreciable texts, use only original concepts, which you have not already transferred to some other site. We like to be useful, never banal and above all very precise and detailed.

Medium characters

Quality writing does not objectively have a specific quantity of characters, but the internet requires standards and what happens backstage is clear to us: try to stay within a range of about 1000 words, if you can!

Graphics and media

Images are fundamental to our project: an image sometimes says much more than the thousand words we asked to you right above! Pay attention to the shot, make your contribution unique. The graphics and media you submit to us should be of high quality and accompanied by a statement that says:

“I declare that the text, images and videos that I will use in my contributing posts for the website are mine and I have all rights to use them. None of the media and graphics are copyrighted by third parties and I release the content for publication on and any other network sites.

What we will not accept for any reason will be:

  • Anything that can be interpreted as a link building scheme.
  • Anything that is too promotional for your business or organization.
  • Anything that is offensive or inaccurate.
  • Anything that is overly critical of individuals or companies as this is not a site for making complaints or doing reviews in the strict sense.