Founded by the Greeks in 729 BC, the city of Catania offers us the discovery of a rich cultural history inherited from Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, Swabians, Angevins, Aragonese and Spaniards. Although the city today only shows an eighteenth-century “facade” due to the reconstruction following the severe earthquake of 1693, Catania is a city waiting to be discovered.

Catania overlooks the crystalline coast of the Ionian Sea and all around it has an unparalleled artistic, cultural and landscape heritage. We start from Mount Etna, which offers everyone the opportunity to ski while observing the sea, to enjoy quad biking, jeep or wonderful trekking sessions. The various nature parks of the province alternate with fantastic bays, inlets and valleys. Its eno-gastronomic tradition fascinates tourists from all over the world with vineyards on the slopes of a volcano, which periodically gives paroxysms of effect.

The coast is about 70 km long, but the variety and alternation of coastal types is almost as vast as the myths and legends attributed to this area. It is said that it was the home of the god of fire Vulcan and the Cyclops. There are three natural parks: the Etna Park, the Alcantara Park and the Nebrodi Park. There are also many nature reserves: the Simeto Oasis, the Fiumefreddo River, the Simeto Lavic Gorges, La Timpa, the Immacolatelle and Micio Conti Complex, the Bosco di San Pietro, the Lachea Island and the Faraglioni dei Ciclopi.

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